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Is a Cheap Divorce in Texas Really Possible?

Couples planning to divorce are usually eager to avoid bankruptcy in the process. Is a low cost divorce in Texas possible? The answer is “yes,” but you need to do some leg work before rushing off to court to file your paperwork. At The Law Office of David J. Rodriguez, PLLC, we know the cheapest way to get a divorce in Texas, and we are happy to offer our service to those who are interested. A quick, cheap divorce isn’t easy, but there are techniques we can use to help. Contact our San Antonio divorce attorney to find out more about affordable divorce Texas.

What is the Cheapest Way to Divorce in Texas?

Divorce doesn’t have to break the bank. The cheapest way to divorce is to file for an uncontested divorce. Essentially, you and your spouse will agree on the reason for divorcing, also called the “grounds.” The most common no-fault ground is irreconcilable differences, called insupportability in Texas. Essentially, this means the marriage has broken down and isn’t salvageable. So long as one spouse claims insupportability, then the other doesn’t have to agree.

A no-fault divorce is also cheapest when it is uncontested. This means you and your spouse agree on all critical issues:

  • Child custody. Who can make critical decisions for your children? Who will they spend overnights with? Parents should agree to a detailed parenting plan.
  • Child support. How much will the noncustodial parent pay to the custodial parent? Texas has guidelines, which has made this calculation easy.
  • Alimony. Will one spouse make alimony payments to the other after divorce? How much and for how long? Or does one spouse agree to waive alimony?
  • Division of community property. How will you divide the assets you acquired while married? How do you divide the debts?

A Texas divorce lawyer can help you negotiate these issues so you can receive an inexpensive divorce in Texas.

Can You Divorce Online?

You can do some things online. Those who don’t want to hire a lawyer can use the Do-It-Yourself service at the eFileTexas site, which is the official site for the state of Texas. You will answer questions, and the computer should generate the divorce forms. You can then file the paperwork with the correct court.

You can’t do everything online, though. A cheap online divorce Texas requires that you attend a hearing in court, even if your divorce is uncontested. There is a 60-day waiting period before you can get in front of a judge. The judge will review your documents and ensure that the terms of the divorce are fair. For example, you can’t waive child support.

Learn more about divorce in Texas by contacting our firm to speak with one of our cheap divorce lawyers in Texas.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Cheap Uncontested Divorce in Texas?

Not always. You can negotiate with your spouse and create a divorce agreement. You can then fill out the correct forms and file them in court. Although the court clerk can’t fill out the forms for you, you can use the eFileTexas site.

You should contact an attorney if you have any questions. Affordable divorce lawyers in San Antonio can provide some services for a fee. You don’t have to hire them to do everything. Ask if they provide  “unbundled” or hourly legal services.

Who Can’t Get a Cheap Texas Divorce?

If there are contested issues, then the length of the divorce will add to your bill. Your divorce is now contested. You might attend mediation to see if you can resolve any disputes, which is sometimes helpful. But you might need to pay for the mediator, and you should also hire a lawyer to help you through mediation.

Some common disputes which prevent an uncontested divorce include:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Pregnancy—you can’t resolve child custody issues until the child is born
  • Whether small businesses are community property
  • Disputes around joint debts

Affordable divorce lawyers in San Antonio, Texas should provide an estimate for how much your divorce will cost. You can try to negotiate or find a different attorney who charges lower fees. Another option is to see if a lawyer will charge a flat fee.

Speak with a Cheap Divorce Lawyer San Antonio

The Law Office of David J. Rodriguez is happy to meet with anyone searching for cheap divorce lawyers in San Antonio Texas. Our law office brings a wealth of experience to these cases. Call us to schedule an initial consultation with our office.